We asked some local Wyndham dads about how they’ve been filling in the days at home with the kids during COVID-19.

Clifford, with Cora and Mason: Afternoon jump sessions on the trampoline, daily walks and bike rides along the Werribee River and Coke and Mentos science experiments.

Stewart, with Penny and Angus: Old school games like cards, puzzles and Lego, as well as spending time outside walking the dog, playing poison ball, tiggy, rollerblading, practice casting our fishing rods and backyard camp outs.

Nunzio, with Abbie and Eve: Playing drums and practising cricket drills

Adam, with Haven, Tanner, Eden, Kaylee, Laurie and Addie: Helping with cool school experiments like building the biggest tower out of toothpicks and jellybeans. Daily walks with the dog. Watching lots of Animal Planet. Getting beaten a lot by all the kids on Play Station! Starting a vegetable garden.