As part of Wyndham Art Gallery’s Go Deeper program, which provides an in-depth look at each of our exhibitions; curators Dr. Megan Evans and Caroline Esbenshade have interviewed a selection of finalists in this year’s Wyndham Art Prize 2020 

We hope you enjoy learning more about the artwork and that you’ll tune in for future Go Deeper extras. 


Amala Groom won this year’s prize with her work ‘Copywrong’, which comments on intellectual property theft of cultural goods. 

wani Le Frere won this year’s LEAP Acquisitive with his work ‘Final Solution’, a subtle work that combines quite domestic scenes with radio broadcast with profound impact 


Nina Sanadze discusses her work in the show ‘Monumental Shift’ as well as her pieces about collective memory more broadly.  

Jody Haines delves into the inspirations behind her video work ‘Through sKIN, we breathe’ and discusses her practice more broadly. 

Bronte Stolz talks about his work ‘Turtles all the way down’, a composition of the globe anRussian nesting dolls which is rendered entirely in the plush nap of velvet, a very unusual medium. 

Carmel Louise explains her three-dimensional layering and collage process while talking about her finalist work ‘Constructional No.1 Version 4’. 


Ivy Mutuku she speaks about her finalist work ‘Rain On Me’ and her creative practice as a photographer and filmmaker. 

Emmet Davies took home the LEAP Acquisitive last year, this year his work ‘Looming Darkness’ touches on anxiety. 

Jonathan Toaishara discussing working in digital painting as a medium and the inception of his work ‘Shades’.