As part of Go Deeper, Wyndham Art Gallery’s engagement program that provides an in-depth look at each of our exhibitions, we’ve interviewed a selection of this year’s finalists about their work in the exhibition and their creative practice.

This is an abridged recording of an interview between curator Dr. Megan Evans and artist Amala Groom, winner of the 2020 Wyndham Art Prize for her sculptural piece, ‘Copywrong’.

We hope you enjoy learning more about this work and that you’ll tune in for future interviews with some of our other Wyndham Art Prize 2020 finalists.

Attracting entries from some of the best artists across Australia, the Wyndham Art Prize is a curated show that profiles exceptional local artists, emerging artists, and outstanding established artists.

You can explore the full exhibition with a virtual tour and cast your vote in the People’s Choice Award.