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From The Windmill – A Journal of the Diverse Voices of Women  

BAKING by Sarita Rawat 

Hello, my name is Sarita. This is my little story of why I love to bake. 

It has been a long-time passion of mine. The first time I learned to bake was in school. I was so proud of my cooking bringing it home to show my mum. She in return bought me my first Baking book, which I still use to this day. It is called ‘Home Recipes with Be-Ro’.  

Cake-baking has become a wonderfully rewarding and enjoyable time for me. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t collect recipes, or hoarded cookbooks that have ended up with folded corners, crossings out and smudges of cake batter.  

When I was working in the city, every Friday I would walk around and always end up in the bakery section of Myer (in those days there were not many bakeries that were accessible). There the aroma of freshly baked cookies was so inviting – this was my solace. 

After working for sixteen years, I had no choice but to resign from my workplace due to bullying. I fell into depression and after a long time I found comfort in my kitchen baking. 

My mother has always been a great influence on me. I have memories of always having something sweet at home to eat. Even after I resigned from work, she bought a magazine called ‘Cake Craft and Decoration’ that inspired me to go into cake-decorating, but alas I am no good with beautiful decorations. I can however tickle your taste-buds with sweet and creamy delights. 

Nothing makes me happier than making cakes, biscuits and slices for other people. It is so gratifying. Devouring home-made cakes and biscuits for afternoon tea, or after a main meal, is one of the great-tasting pleasures of life. It is a form of meditation – it’s my kind of therapy. A wooden spoon in my hand, a mixing-bowl, and some music in the background – I am at ease, I am at peace.