From The Windmill – A Journal of the Diverse Voices of Women  

Hi, I’m Morgan Ann Davies AKA M.A.DasButtons. I am a solo mum with two crazy boys. I am a boss mum and have my own creative business in the west of Melbourne, where I also live. I absolutely love living in Wyndham City – the schools, the parks and rivers, the community, and the opportunities for women are endless really. 

Since escaping two extremely abusive relationships, the first being four years of toxic narcissistic abuse, resulting in me leaving and becoming a struggling single mum with crippling financial abuse debt. That relationship destroyed me a lot more than the next physically abusive relationship. I then fell pregnant with my second child 6 years later, was unaware that that partner had an ‘ice’ habit and upon finding out I was pregnant, he completely flipped on me and when I tried to leave at 5 months pregnant, he went on a rampage and tried to kill me, resulting in my son being born with extreme anxiety, PTSD, and a few delays. However, incredible early intervention therapies have been unbelievably amazing for him. He is now 5 and thriving in Kinder and is ready for school. He also now wants to be an artist like me as he has created some amazing works so far. I will do anything I can to support him and make his dreams come true. He truly is a beautiful, loving child despite his own struggles, and I am super proud of him. 

 Now my 11-year-old Ryder hates when I talk about him, but he just blows my mind all the time with his kind, caring, empathetic, funny, generous, popular, but friendly relationships towards his peers. He is a peer mediator, is on the Junior School Council and he just finished up volunteering with a literacy club where he helped other students with their reading. He also has a bin collection job, where he takes out neighbouring bins out and then brings them back in for $3 per household, because I’m not in a position to afford pocket money unfortunately until I can secure affordable and more stable housing and when my rent won’t be more than half my income. But I am super proud of the boy he is growing up into, despite my past choices in men and him witnessing me go through abusive relationships that have directly affected him also. I have no doubt that Ryder will be taller and smarter than me in no time as I make sure to have amazing men around me, who are my best friends – my brother, my stepdad, who are all amazing role-models for both my kids. 

 Shout out to Vision from Sneakerheads #supportlocalartists. 

After these experiences I was left with some bad trauma including anxiety and PTSD which I am working on every day to heal myself from. I have an amazing network of family and friends, but I still felt somewhat alone in my everyday struggles as a solo mum, so I decided to volunteer and engage a bit more in my local community. If I had of known how amazing my journey could get, I would have sought help earlier, but I wasn’t in a good space then. I started off with joining the Werribee Community Shed, where I could use the power tools and woodworking because of my pyrography. I wanted to build things to pyro (lol!). I have just started welding now, and I’m also going to start forging metal as a blacksmith soon.  

Greg from the Wyndham Park community Centre has helped me get back into my business facilitating creative workshops, as I had taken a few years break to raise Marley. Since running some successful school holidays workshops, I have now secured some more ongoing work, working with young girls. And I hope to secure more ongoing workshops because teaching my crafts and crafting is as important to me as breathing and my soul needs to do what it loves. I have recently joined two support groups, one for PTSD and the Wyndham women’s Support Group, and I cannot express enough the positive impact both groups have had in my life. I have even just joined a local artist cooperative called REDwest, where we all create amazing opportunities for local artists, from markets to galleries etc. Through engaging in my local community, it has opened pathways I could never even have dreamed were possible for me… I now do commission work, workshops, markets, gallery exhibits and collaborations with other artists with more crazy creative endeavours to come, all because I stood up and said I’m not ok, I need help… The community is now my family and I am super excited about life and I’m finally enjoying my journey. Thank you to my amazing support networks, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. 

“To infinity and beyond!” 

Buzz Lightyear