From: The Windmill – A Journal of the Diverse Voices of Women  

Hengameh - Windmill JournalI am Hengameh Ghaderi from Iran, and I’ve been in Australia for 14 years with my family. I have two children. I studied Photo-Imaging at RMIT University in 2014. That’s what I’ve always been keen to learn since I was a teenager. Before migration to Australia, I had already got my Master’s in Political Science with an emphasis on Philosophy and Thought. 

I have been living in Point Cook for about 5 years now and I love it here so much. My first exhibition was held at Point Cook on behalf of Art Space Wyndham and called ‘Intimacy’. The main theme in all my photos was about multicultural people. I am passionate to show humanity through art windows, which includes culture, lifestyle, thought, women’s feelings etc. Hence, I continued conveying the similar message/theme in future projects such as ‘Place Patterns’ and ‘RED CENTRE’ with Wyndham City Council’s Art & Culture Department, and ‘Trail of Lights’ as an artist photographer. 

It’s over a year that I am very delighted to be involved with the Women’s Support Group in Wyndham, in a very friendly and supportive atmosphere, and I am currently working with The Windmill Journal as photographer and part of the Design Team. 

I enjoy studying Philosophy, Thought, Mystic, and watching movies and reading critiques about them in order to discover new insights into human cultures and their lifestyles. 

My passions are understanding and thinking about aspects of life through art and thought. Some of my artworks are documentaries, and the other part is creation of dreamy or fictional images. My focus and attention are on discovering and expressing the beauty of thoughts, cultures, and the photos are narratives of this beauty and their challenges. I like creating an image more than just taking a shot. 

My biggest challenge is to make a balance between my family and my work. It’s very important for me to play a maternal role with love for my children on one side and to meet my personal goals and aspirations on the other… This has always been the biggest challenge of my life and still is. 

Love and friendship between human beings is my greatest wish. In this regard, I try to depict different thoughts and cultures and their opposition, as well as their changes in the historical context, emotions and human emotions, and the recognition of inner and outer beauty. My goals are to portray them. I am planning to continue projects with my artworks, publish a picture book and my own special life coaching techniques through story telling.