Wellah workoutSpark Health is an Aboriginal owned and led  social enterprise (profit for purpose business) specialising in health promotion and meaningful Aboriginal Community engagement.

The team are experts in designing, developing and delivering health promotion programs, services and resources.

Spark Health has set up a Wellah Workout Series YouTube Channel.

Join the Wellah team for equipment free workouts that are perfect for home, hotel rooms and the park.

Each movement within the Wellah Workout Series is demonstrated by Personal Trainer, Sarah and Gymnastics Coach, Lena.

The movements are adaptable to suit a wide range of fitness and mobility levels. Do what feels right for your body and aim for perfect form over speed.

Getting active each day is important in looking after your physical, mental and spiritual health while giving you an opportunity to get outside and connect to Country, the land.

The Wellah team also provides a great series of guidelines and motivational input on their website .

Spark Health are a Supply Nation and Kinaway registered business, actively working in western metropolitan Melbourne.

You can contact them at [email protected]

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