WunderGym ExhibitionWyndham City Council are hosting the Wunder Gym mentor and exhibiting program online.  

The program is designed to encourage and support local Wyndham creatives’ own artistic practice and aid in developing access to broader support networks and audiences. 

There are 15 Wyndham residents participating in the Autumn/Winter 2020 program.  

Program mentors include celebrated international performance artists The Huxleys, Artist and Associate Professor (Visual Arts) at Australian Catholic University – Catherine Bell, and Archibald Prize winner Yvette Coppersmith.  

You can view the virtual exhibitions for each session below  

PROJECT 1 – The Huxleys 

PROJECT 2 – Catherine Bell 

A Handful of Hen’s Teeth – Tai Snaith Exhibition 

The Expanded Self – Yvette Coppersmith Exhibition 

Cleaning Water – John and Teresa Exhibition

Winter/Spring 2020 Program:

There are 20 Wyndham residents participating in the Winter/Spring 2020 program.   

Program mentors include leading contemporary creatives multi-disciplinary artist Tai Snaith and world-renowned gallerist Daine Singer. This term, participants will also be taken on an exploration of the links between creative practice and science with Werribee Riverkeeper John Forrester and Dr. Teresa Mackintosh. 

You can view the virtual exhibitions for each session below: 

Project 1 – Tai Snaith (Expected from 30 October) 

Project 2 –John Forrester and Dr. Teresa Mackintosh (Expected from 2 November)  

Project 3 – Daine Singer (Expected Monday 23 November)