We certainly understand the power of sharing in building empathy and understanding for someone elses experience but why don’t we do this with parenting?

Sharing with your young person that parenting is challenging is valuable for a variety of reasons. Firstly it shows a level of vulnerability that can help forge a stronger connection with your young person. It also sends the positive message that its ok to be vulnerable and that its certainly ok to not be perfect.

Sharing experiences can also help de mystify what your role is in your young persons life. Perhaps with some more understanding about why decisions are made and the weight that falls on your shoulders as a parent a deeper level of empathy and connection can take place.

Take a listen to the pledge attached to this post.

We love that the powerful message here is that parenting can be extremely challenging, but we take it on as best we can and most of all we take it on with full hearts and the intention to love our young people.

Try sharing this pledge with your young person and let us know how what the outcome is in your home.

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A pledge to my child, taken from the book “Tricky Behaviours” by Andrew Fuller.