There is no denying that at a time like this, there may be some added tension in the home. We are all trying to work, study and be entertained, all under what may all of a sudden feel like a very small roof.

Of course our patience is going to be tested & we may find ourselves bickering and arguing about things we never knew were important or those little habits that you are able to tolerate on a ‘normal’ day now feel like the MOST annoying thing in the world.

Have you noticed yourself snapping, criticising or complaining more than usual? Are you then left sitting in those uncomfortable feelings of resentment or guilt after a disagreement with a loved one in the home and wish you could remove the tension or undo the argument?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any tips on how to turn back time but we do have some suggestions on how we can ‘repair’ as a family following any kind of conflict.

First of all we want to wait for a time when we are all calm to initiate a conversation about what has happened.

Through this conversation both parties need to have a chance to voice how they felt. We encourage you to use ‘I’ statements to avoid blaming. ‘I felt hurt because…’ I was feeling frustrated when…’

Listen empathetically when others are speaking and where you can, take responsibility for the role you played in the confrontation. It can also be helpful to let the person know how you would handle the situation differently in the future.

This may sound like ‘I am sorry that I raised my voice during our argument. I was feeling overwhelmed and upset. Next time I will take a moment for myself to calm down and then come back to discuss how I am feeling.’

It may not be possible to avoid all confrontation in the home but we can certainly repair after moments of tension.

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