Tuning in Tuesdays - Muscle Relaxation Practical tips and skills from Wyndham Youth Services to help parents and carers tune in to young people.

An important part of parenting is recognising the ability to take time for ourselves to self-care and rejuvenate. This can be especially important when you and your family have been facing some challenges.

The likelihood of having calmer and more productive conversations with your teen increase when you are in a positive mind set.

Progressive muscle relaxation exercises are a beautiful and easy way to bring our attention back to our body and the present moment. This will help us to reduce those feelings of stress and of being overwhelmed, so we can get back to feeling like ourselves again.

Find yourself a quiet, comfortable place to enjoy this progressive muscle relaxation from Beyond Blue.

You’ll find guided muscle relaxation recordings you can download for free, as well as breathing exercises and guided visualisations.

You might also want to try this with your teen.

If you are interested in hearing more about the Tuning in to Teens Program please email us at [email protected]