Feel the EmotionsPractical tips and skills from Wyndham City’s Youth Services team to help parents and carers tune in to young people. 

To help our teens in the process of understanding their emotional experience, we can encourage them to locate the feelings in their body.  

Being able to recognise the physiological experience of their emotions is an important part of them being able to develop their emotional awareness.  

For young people who may have difficulty putting language to their emotions it could be really helpful to support in this process by saying things like:  

  • ‘Sometimes I get an upset stomach when I am feeling worried. Do you think you may be feeling worried about something? 
  •  ‘I’m noticing that your body looks quite tense, are you feeling angry about something?’  
  •  ‘I can see that you are having trouble sitting still. Is something unsettling you?’  

 Sometimes it is easier to identify what is happening to our physical body than it is to know exactly what emotion we may be feeling.  

 This can assist not only our young people to build their emotional literacy and awareness but can also be helpful for us as people who care for teens, to recognise when things may be going on in their lives that are a bit challenging.  

 With this information, we can now support our teens to work through whatever it is that they are experiencing.  

 If you require further support please feel free to contact us at [email protected]