Listening blocksPractical tips and skills from Wyndham Youth Services to help parents and carers tune in to young people.

Often, we have difficulties communicating and connecting with our young people. Listening blocks are often some of the common barriers in our ability to connect.

Wyndham City’s Youth Services team has outlined a variety of listening blocks that can get in the way of effective communication. Familiarising ourselves with listening blocks helps us to become more aware of them and see which ones we think we are the masters of.

By being more aware, we can try to shift from a “block” to a “connecting” dialogue. Listening blocks may leave the person receiving them feeling frustrated, disheartened or ignored, which can often mean that when they need an ear, they may choose not to come to you as the listener.

Instead of giving in to the temptation of our old friends, “listening blocks”, try saying something like “That seems really hard,” or “you must have felt really frustrated.” By tuning in to the emotional experience a young person may be having, we are connecting in a positive way.

This connection strengthens your relationship and can often mean that next time something challenging arises in your young person’s life they be more inclined to come to you because you are a good listener.

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