Do you have a tricky conversation that you need to have with your teen? Do you find yourself shying away from important conversations because you feel unsure about the best ways to communicate about important topics? Maybe you don’t know when’s the best time, or the most comfortable space, who they want in the room, is before or after dinner best. You may even be worried about how they are going to react?

It sometimes feels impossible to know the answers. Understandably so, we are not mind readers, right?

What we suggest to help eliminate this guessing game and reduce the stress associated with these important discussions is to have a conversation with your teen about how they would like important or tricky conversations to be approached.

Some helpful prompts might be:

  • How would you like me to notify you if there is something important, we need to talk about?
  • Is there a time of day that best suits?
  • Is there times or days where it is not appropriate for us to have important discussions? Get curious about why? (Not right before I go into an exam or play in the finals)
  • Where would you prefer, we have important chats?
  • Who would you like in the room?

Do you prefer to talk about things straight away or would you like me to give you information and then allow you some space before we talk more?

We always recommend having these conversations in a private & mutually comfortable space. It is nice if both parties feel like they can walk away and take a break from the conversation if they need to.

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