Tuning In Tuesdays – Communicating Self Care Needs

This week we could not go past a post we saw on The Gottman Institute Facebook Page about how to communicate our self-care needs.

I am sure I am not the only one that reads posts or watches videos about self-care and thinks to myself, ‘that all sounds wonderful but …… (I am too busy, too tired, my kids need…., I have to…….)

So we skip out on reading that book, going for the walk or calling that friend and we are left feeling exhausted, wondering why we don’t have the same amount of energy as bubbly person down the street.

Dr. Julie Gottman says it beautifully, “When we take good care of ourselves, we fill ourselves up, which in turn energizes us so that we can give to others”

If we are running on empty, it is near impossible for us to show up as our most energetic, mindful and loving selves.

We need to check in on ourselves and communicate our needs to those around us.

Check out the images attached for simple ways we can communicate our self- care needs.

Or check out The Gottman Institute for more fantastic resources. https://www.gottman.com/

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Images Source – The Gottman Institute