It’s getting to that busy time of the year again. How do we manage and prioritise our own self-care during the holiday season?

This week we encourage you to tune in to your own emotional experiences. What are you feeling? Can you locate the emotion in your body?

When we tune into ourselves, we are then able to better understand our reactions and behaviours more clearly. Are we tired, frustrated or stressed? Chances are after the year that we have had, we probably are!

Some of us may even be experiencing anxiety around being in large social settings again after such a long period of social isolation.

We encourage everyone to advocate for themselves at this time of year. Be as open and honest with those around you as you are comfortable with.

You might say something like “I’m feeling really anxious about Christmas this year, I haven’t been around so many people all year” or “I’m really stressed at this time of year so I’m going to opt out of that catch up, as I need some time to collect my thoughts.”

By letting others know how we are feeling, we are creating a clear line of communication and others are more likely to have empathy towards your experience when they understand the whole story behind the emotional experience.

Stay safe everyone and look after your emotional wellbeing this holiday season

We would love to hear how you went! Email us at [email protected]