This week, we couldn’t go past The Gottman Institute’s image around ensuring we are creating space to connect with our families.

This can be very challenging over the Holiday Season, so we thought that a little encouragement to remember what really matters couldn’t go astray.

Sometimes, the smallest amounts of time can build connection. “How?” might you ask. We encourage you to ensure that you keep in mind the small things that your family do together that are enjoyable for all. It might be a trip to the shops, sharing a meal together or even watching your favourite movie and eating popcorn. As things speed up, it is often easy to forget about these rituals that build connection and replace them with huge to do lists and powering through those.

When we connect, we feel less overwhelmed and are able to emotionally support one another better. So, this holiday season, try and take some time to think about what builds stronger connections and meaningful relationships in your home and remember to take some time for yourselves as well.

When our tank is empty, we aren’t able to give to those around us, so remember to fill it up by self-caring.

We would love to hear how you went!

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Image source: The Gottman Institute