While we can’t get together in some of the places and do some of the activities we love, including the gym, why not use some items around the house during your next workout?

  • Washing Detergent: these 2kg+ bottles can be your dumbbells around the house, hold one in each hand and perform some Lunges or Step Ups.
  • Bath Towels: a great tool to help you stretch all over body, they can also be used for a Standing Row exercise for the back. Grip the towel at either end in front of your chest, elbows at 90 degrees. Slowly push the towel in front of you extending your elbows while at the same time trying to pull the towel apart, then slowly return back, repeat another 10 times – keep pulling that towel apart!
  • Fabric Shopping Bag or Backpack: try filling your fabric reusable shopping bag/tote bag or backpack with tinned tomatoes and baked beans for some added weight. You can then use the bag like a kettlebell for some Deadlifts, Swings or Bent Over Rows, or strap on the backpack for weighted Squats.
  • Dining Chair: great option to use for a Dip exercise to work those triceps, chest and shoulders. This can also make those Push Ups a bit easier as well. Just make sure the chair is not going to slip.
  • A Wall or Doorway: Stretch the upper or pop your feet out in front of you, knees at 90 degrees and lean back on the wall, pretend there is a seat under you bottom and see how long you can last!