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Wyndham City’s Youth Services team have put together some handy tips for young people in responding to COVID-19. 

Counselling Services are still available with phone and video services available, find out more here. 

We are getting information about the situation from friends, family, and the media constantly. It can be helpful to limit how much we listen to all of these sources, and instead look at factual information such as Australian Government’s health alert 

This can help us sort out the fact from the fiction and stay aware without being alarmed. 


Keep it in perspective 

Often under stress, our brain can take us to the worst-case scenario. It can be useful to: 

Remind ourselves that the definition of ‘coping’ is to struggle successfully – we are all currently coping. 

Reflect on all of the tough situations in our life that we have made it through, and think about what parts of us helped us get through the uncertainty 

Remember that the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia are extremely low, and that most people have recovered without the need for specialised treatment. 

Know you can get in touch with our counselling team for counselling sessions by calling 8734 1355 to make a referral or email us at [email protected] 


Wyndham City’s Youth Services Team have also put together some tips for parents, family members and care-givers. Find out more here.