Local Wyndham clay artist, Carolyn Warren-Langford leads this workshop to create magical clay decorations to brighten your pot plants or to add some magic to your garden.

The workshop instructs nimble little fingers to mould caterpillars, flowers, lady birds and mushrooms, (though once you get started with the clay, who knows what rainbow-dinosaur-fairy figurine may emerge from this session).

The workshop is suitable for ages 7+ through to adults, though younger ones can join in but might need some assistance.

Supervision required for baking the decorations.

Materials: Sculpey clay or any brand Polymer Clay in a variety of colours, wire, wire cutters, rolling pin, baking paper, damp cloth (for very clean hands), flour, and an oven.

In usual times Carolyn Warren-Langford can be found leading classes and workshops at Saltwater Studios in clay and sculpture.

She was a finalist in the 2020 Wyndham Art Prize and you can follow her work on Facebook.