Calling all creative builders!

Are you up for our Lego Challenge? 

Wyndham City Libraries have put together a series of challenges to inspire you to create something new. 

Find past challenge ideas below.

Term 3 Challenges:

  1. Build a boat
  2. Build a zoo
  3. Build a treehouse
  4. Build a garden
  5. Build a train
  6. Build something inspired by your favourite book
  7. Build a famous landmark
  8. Build something using only three colours
  9. Use Lego bricks to design a portrait of yourself
  10. Use Lego bricks to design a board game to play

Term 2 Challenges:

  1. Build a rocket to fly to the moon 
  2. Build your dream home 
  3. Build something Star Wars related 
  4. Build a tall tower
  5. Build a car
  6. Build a Lego City
  7. Build your favourite food using Lego
  8. Build something using only one colour
  9. Build a robot

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Term 3 Challenges

Term 2 Challenges