Ta K PawA community recipe submission from Waan. 

Ta K Paw is a rice porridge with chicken and any kind of vegetables you like.

Cook along with your community or share your own recipe for others to enjoy!

My grandmother often cooked this traditional recipe during her childhood, when the Burmese military government invaded her village. During this time of poverty the Karen people used their last resources of rice as a porridge to feed the family of 12 adding in jungle vegetables they could find while they were locked out from their home village.

In Thailand my mum would cook this as a celebration to teach us our ancestry and passing on to us as a traditional celebration dish along with other curries to provide a strong community sense. Every household knows this dish as dish of survival, to conquer and overcome life-threatening poverty and to enjoy afterwards as a celebration.

Now I cook for my daughters in Australia as their comfort food because every time they feel unwell, apart from panadol and antibiotic prescription, they believe my bowl of traditional rice soup porridge for three generations has made them feel comfortable and cured their sickness so they believe that this family history brings them a better recovery.

Ingredients and Method:

  • Half a cup of roasted rice and chicken’s meat with bones then boil down like a soup.
  • Add 20 whole pepper cracked and 5 cloves of garlic all into the boil.
  • Keep stirring until the rice is thickening and chicken is soft, add more water to boil to medium thick texture.
  • Add Asian vegetables like bamboo shoots, choy sum, cabbage and mushrooms.
  • Add salt and fish sauce to your flavour.