Reading can be great for your mind; it has been found that during reading, our minds can feel a similar experience as meditation. Reading can help the body and mind relax, improves concentration, helps to find inner calmness, gives better sleeping patterns, lowers stress levels and the best one, lets you use your imagination!

One awesome thing about reading is that there are so many options, from horror, romance, crime, action, thriller and mystery, the list goes on and on.

Sometimes we can’t get our hands on a book and that’s ok because there’s heaps online as well. But, what some of us youth workers love to do is get the physical copy and sit, relax and read the pages.

Wyndham Library patrons can access a wide range of eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, movies and TV shows for free during the temporary closure.

Here is the link:


For Library events like ‘Friday Night Fiction Youth Book Club’ head to:

The youth librarians have taken over the Libraries Instagram pages go over and check it out: @librariesinwyndham

Some of our favourite authors are:
CS Lewis, Liane Moriarty, Hugh Van Cuylenberg, Stephanie Meyer, Rupi Kaur, James Patterson, Zadie Smith, Robert M. Drake, Mark Manson, Beau Taplin, Najwa Zebian, Reyna Biddy, Emma Isaacs, William H. McRaven, Elizabeth L. Cline, JRR Tolkien, Jane Austen and Sarah Knight.

Let us know some of your favourite books so we can add them to our list! 😊

Have a safe and happy week.