A lot of us are feeling similar when it comes to boredom.  

Were stuck at home, there’s only so many times we clean or re-arrange our rooms, right?

Some of us have done a good wardrobe clean out and rewarded ourselves with some online shopping. This is great and helps us get rid of unnecessary items that don’t need to be held on to.

BUT what about the items we just can’t bear to throw away? 

Getting creative, especially during times where we are limited in what we can do can be helpful for your mind.  

You can get an old frame and paint it and even pop artwork in the frame, make a cushion or pencil case from old clothes and fabrics, make photo collages, the list goes on.

Being creative can help our mind focus and has calming effects on the brain and body.

We hope this video can help you to feel inspired, motivated and creative all in one.  

Music: Beach
Musician: Jef 

Artist: Ashley