Practical tips and skills from Wyndham City Youth Services to help you with a little self-care.

Colouring in has helped lower anxiety for many people.

Concentrating on what you’re doing, focusing on not going out of the lines, choosing complementary colours go hand in hand in helping you to relax and visually enjoy what you are doing. The motion of colouring and shading can be considered very calming.

When colouring it can be powerful to write some reminders for yourself to keep near you in case you start to lose focus, as the mind likes to wonder.

Here are some examples of what you could list:

  • In this moment, I am colouring in.
  • Perfection is not necessary
  • The colours are helping me express myself
  • I am stepping away from social media and focusing

Anything that relates to you will be fine. If you would like to go a step further and think about your emotions and feelings try:

‘I have noticed that the (name colour) shades make me feel (name emotion)’

Here’s a printable, colouring in sheet you might like to try

Or you may like to purchase a colouring-in book from your favourite store, or try the app, Happy Colour Number

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