Breathing; the process of taking air into and expelling it from the lungs, something we do all day every day.

Did you know by counting and controlling your breathing this can help reduce stress and anxiety and can increase energy levels. People have experienced that they can think better and more clearly when they have control and can focus on their breathing.

One will notice if they are feeling anxious their breathing will be rapid and their heart will be beating faster. This type of breathing is called chest breathing and is known to make the body more tense.

When you are focusing on your breathing you will need to start ‘deep breathing’ which comes from your stomach. This will help control your breathing and the effect anxiety is having on your body.

The way you breathe can affect your whole body. The practising of controlling your breath can be done multiple times a day and doesn’t have to take long.

The video below from the app ‘Calm’ helps you breathe in and out through your nose for four second cycles for one minute.

You can find a range of free breathing apps you can download to your phone or device, including Calm and Breathe.

Have a safe and happy week
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