Healthy Minds MondayPractical tips and skills from Wyndham City Youth Services to help you with a little self-care.

Many people use baking for enjoyment.

It’s important to be aware that we can use tools that we feel bring us joy to use as self-care strategies.

There are more benefits for mental health from simply baking than most people would know.

Benefits such as:

  • Focusing on a recipe, this simply allows us to focus and brings a sense of escape in a constructive way.
  • Repetitive motions, this helps bring calm to your body. techniques such as kneading. These techniques can be a form of meditation to your brain as we focus on the processes.
  • Control, when baking we have a sense of control over what we are doing
  • These benefits, sometimes without knowing are useful tools that we can use in day to day life. Remember when we are able to calm down, relax and focus we have more awareness. And let’s face it the end product of what we made is rewarding in itself.

At some point try and get in the kitchen and bake something, maybe even bake something with a friend or a loved one.
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