person readingWyndham Library Services have a broad range of e-books, e-magazines, and documentaries for library members to keep you entertained at home and it’s free to join online

Through your library membership, you can access a range of different e-resources including Borrow Box, rb digital, and Kanopy.

Wyndham CIty’s Green Living Team have put together a list of ‘green living’ reading inspiration to help you practice simple sustainable living at home.

To access these resources you’ll need your Wyndham Library Card details (or join online).

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rb digital:


  • Organic Gardener  
  • Australian Geographic  
  • New Scientist  
  • Wellbeing  

 Organising / Minimalism  

  • Less Stuff  
  • How to do nothing  

 Cooking / Food  

  • On eating meat  



  • The Need to Grow   
  • Life off grid  
  • Normal is over  
  • Vanishing of the bees  
  • Climate refugees
  • Living in the future’s past
  • River blue 
  • Taking root – the vision of Wangari Maathai 
  • Bag it  
  • Living the change
  • Antarctic edge 70 degrees south
  • Straws
  • Slow food revolution  
  • Time to choose  
  • Chasing Ice  

Borrow Box:

Climate Change  

  • The Weather Makers  
  • This is not a Drill
  • No-one is too small to make a difference  
  • Life  


  • Easy Organic Gardening
  • More food from small spaces
  • Dig deeper  
  • Garden rescue  
  • The herbal kitchen


  • The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide  
  • Sustainable Happiness  


  • Waste Not  
  • Outsmart Waste  
  • A Zero Waste Life in 30 Days  
  • Inconspicuous consumption  
  • How to give up plastic
  • High Tech Trash 


  • The Plant Messiah
  • Deciduous Forests 


  • Eat well, spend less
  • Eat well, save more
  • Super natural every day 
  • Healthy meals for less  
  • Vegetarian meals in minutes  
  • Plant power 
  • Vegetarian  

 Organising / Minimalism  

  • The minimalist home  
  • Real life organising
  • The conscious closet
  • A life less thowaway
  • Spark joy
  • The life changing magic of tidying
  • The joy of minimalism
  • The little book of hygge