ghost lightA bare light left burning on an empty stage. The ghost light.

It’s a way to find our way safely in the dark.

Lit by the last of us to leave, it’s also a promise that we will be back.

And theatre folklore says that sometimes, you might find creative spirits playing beneath its soft glow.

Welcome to Ghost Light – an online series from the Wyndham Cultural Centre stage, featuring live performances from talented local artists.

From poetry and theatre to dance and circus, Ghost Light will bring us intimate moments to share together online, with live streaming of performances via Wyndham Cultural Centre’s facebook page and recordings to enjoy right here on our website, as Wyndham Cultural Centre continues to be Wyndham’s place for art, for theatre and for you.

The series takes its cue from the old theatre tradition of the ‘ghost light’, in which single bulb lights were left on the stage to help the last person to leave find their way out, or as the more romantic would have it, for the theatre ghosts to play on at night.

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