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Relax, step away from your keyboard and put your in hands in the air where we can see them!

It’s time for a lunchtime groove with some of Wyndham’s finest musicians and performers.

Every Thursday, at 12pm, we’ll be serving up a tasty tune to take your toasted sandwich to the next level!

Switch off, have a singalong or lunchtime boogie and discover new local acts and familiar faces, with some stripped back, acoustic performances from the likes of NIASHA, Charles Jenkins, Michelle Gardiner and Damon Paraha (A.K.A. Nomad).

While we can’t see them live right now, we can still share the love for our local musicians, recommend them to our friends and help support them.

We’ll be posting a song each Thursday at 12pm, on Facebook and Instagram via @experiencewyndham.

During these challenging times, Wyndham City is continuing to work with and support local musicians and artists through paid programming initiatives when and how we can, including this series.

If you’re a Wyndham musician and interested in taking part, drop us a line at [email protected]

Please note that songs have been pre-recorded and filmed according to social-distancing restrictions and health advice.