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If you like adventures and looking for clues, this scavenger hunt might just be for you.

Join us on foot, on scooter or bike, there are parks to explore and no two are alike.

Answer the questions and go into the draw, for sports gear and gift cards with prizes galore…

How to Play

  • Choose your park below to plan your adventure. Do one or do all eleven – it’s free to play.
  • For each park there are a series of questions to test your explorer skills and help you find that 30 minutes of exercise each day together.
  • Use the map location clues on our website below to help you find the answer to each question.
  • Then submit your entry below by 30 January 2021 to see how well you did! Answer correctly and you’ll also go into the draw to win one of 11 sports packs to help you keep on exploring this summer!

Find out more on how to enter