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Have you ever looked at a portrait and said, ‘I could never draw that’?

Well, here’s your opportunity to learn!

Take part in a free, 5-week online portraiture drawing course for beginnings, hosted by local Wyndham artist and drawing teacher, Lena Sheridan.

Lena completed her Visual Arts study in 2015 and is currently completing postgraduate study. She has held several solo and group exhibitions around Melbourne.

Designed for people with little to no drawing experience, but open to drawers of any skill level, this series of drawing classes will teach the fundamentals of portraiture drawing, emphasising the structural concepts of contour, light, shadow, and proportion in application to the features of the face.

Being online, participants will have access to digital references and videos, while Lena hosts the class and provides instruction and feedback.

Bring a photo of a person you wish to draw (or use a mirror!) and work on it with individual feedback. Compare with your first portrait (from week 1) to see how you have improved.

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Ages 16+

Week 1: Introduction to Portraiture 

Overview of mediums, portraiture warm-ups. Composition and proportions of the head and face.

Week 2: Eyes 

Anatomy of the eye. Contour, proportions, and shading of the eye and brow.

 Week 3: Nose 

Anatomy of the nose. Contour, proportions, and shading of the nose.

 Week 4: Mouth 

Anatomy of the mouth. Contour, proportions, and shading of the mouth.

Week 5: Final Portrait 

(Please note this class will be for 1.5 hours)

 Materials required: 

Pencils, sharpener, eraser. All digital materials including videos and drawing references will be provided.

A free Wyndham City program.