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Is a lack of garden space driving you up the wall?  

Vertical Gardens are a great way to make use of walls, fences, water tanks and a variety of difficult spots when facing a lack of growing space. 

Making them out of rescued resources makes a green idea even greener!  

Without having to purchase all sorts of expensive kits and fittings, you will be shown a number of easy methods of using the bare vertical areas of your garden to expand into with your ever-growing collection of plants, veg, fruit and herbs. 

The next time your partner tells you that there is no room for more plants, build that wall! 

In this free online workshop Scott Hitchins will show you some nifty ideas using resources around your house to create your own vertical garden walls. 

My Smart GardenMy Smart Garden is a free sustainable gardening program that helps you get started growing food and transforming your outdoor space (yards, balconies or pots) into a beautiful, functional garden. 

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