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Jorja Thomas Owns 1000 plants and she’s going to share her tips on keeping them happy and healthy!

Would you like to know how to care after your indoor plants? Certainly, this year’s lock down gave everyone the chance to create an indoor garden. This is why we are bringing Jorja Thomson, the women who owns 1,000 plants!

Join us for this 1.5 h webinar where you will learn about:

  1. Find plants for your level (how to figure out what plants will suit your schedule & space)
  2. When to repot, how to care for roots safely!
  3. How & when to water (common pests & diseases)
  4. Basic propagation/ water vs soil
  5. What is a biophilic design and why plants make us happy

If you want to know more about Jorja and her 1000 plants, you can find her here on ABC life:


My Smart Garden is a free sustainable gardening program that helps you get started growing food and transforming your outdoor space (yards, balconies or pots) into a beautiful, functional garden.

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This webinar is free, but bookings are essential.