Curator's Note2020 will be a year to remember. A year when we really learned the value of the internet and going viral came to mean new things – not so good things….

The Wyndham Art Prize 2020 has awakened a new way for people to interact with our art prize. Where once we had several hundred people attend the opening to wait with bated breath for the announcement of the winners, this year we have an opening and a virtual exhibition. Thist will attract thousands of people, participating interstate artists and audiences who might previously have miss out.

The digital exhibition heralds a new way to view art. Previously it was only large public galleries like the Louvre and the NGV at home that you could visit virtually. Now we have launched our own Virtual Tour for the Wyndham Art Prize that will offer new and exciting opportunities for the gallery into the future.

This year’s prize includes 77 works selected from over 350 submitted. Always a tough decision, what to include and what to leave out. This year we see some previous finalists and also some new artists, especially from our local region. We pride ourselves in showing emerging artists alongside established artists, with the selected works based on their quality and relevance to the issues of the day.

Our exhibitions give artists the opportunity to speak to critical issues and more importantly, things that directly impact on our local community and patrons. The work is not always palatable and is sometimes confronting but it opens up dialogue and sparks new thinking as all good art should.

Wyndham Art Prize 2020 is no exception to this rule with amazing works from the likes of Recyklor, an international artists collective based in Melbourne, with a member from Wyndham, whose objective is to ‘ensure the betterment of the environment, incite cultural change that helps those in need and bring joy to the world…’ all through the power of art. Most artists want to make a difference and this year’s prize, which you can visit virtually, through the power of the digital world, is full of surprise and delight.

Download the Wyndham Art Prize 2020 Catalogue