Creative ideas for activities you can do with someone at home.  drawing workshop

Play some music, create a space that is comfortable for you and your model with minimal distractions.  

Follow the step-by-step instructions below and get creative.

  1. Find a blank piece of paper, the back of an envelope, or a cereal box anything you could draw on.
  2. Choose a pen, or texta, or pencil. Doesn’t need to be anything special. 
  3. Use a clock or mobile phone as a timer. 
  4. Ask someone at home to model for you. 
  5. The first drawing exercises will last 30 seconds only. Draw any part of your model, or their whole body. This is a warmup exercise. Do as many 30 second poses as you like. It is important that your model doesn’t move. 
  6. The second drawing exercise will last 1 minute. Do at least 5 x1 minute poses. Again, it is important your model doesn’t move. 
  7. The third drawing exercise will last 5 minutes. Do at least 2 x5 minute poses. Yep, you got it your model should remain still. Ask them to choose a position that is comfortable for them to hold. 
  8. The fourth drawing exercise will last 10 minutes. Do at least 2 x10 minutes poses. Ah-ha you got it; the model remains still in their chosen position. This is so you can draw the position they are in for the full 10 minutes, focussing on how their legs or arms are, the way their head is positioned, or their hands. Look at their whole body, the shadows or light forming on them, the way clothes fold. 
  9. This is the VERY long pose – choose if you desire or go back to step 1 swapping who is the model. This step is a 20-minute pose. Very important the model chooses a comfortable position they can hold. Probably not the right time to stand on one leg with your arms in the air! Start drawing, though take your time with this one, as 20 minutes is a long time.