Charlie Silly Pants has moved into a new house but there’s a problem, the house is very sad!

The bins are all sick, the creatures have left the garden, the clouds above are grumpy and it’s not a happy place to be around.

The only way that Charlie can make it better is to listen to the environment around him.

Throughout the show Charlie and the children will help re-build the house and garden with their “magic” green thumbs and lots of laughter of course!

This two-part show is perfect for ages 2 – 6 years old.

Finished the videos? Charlie still needs your help! 

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This show helps the children identify simple methods of recycling, respecting the environment and the part that garden creatures such as worms and bees play in maintaining a healthy world.  

Most importantly by actively helping to re-build the house the whole audience will have a strong understanding of what they did to make the house happy and the important part humans can play in creating a sustainable and healthy environment.  

Discussion topics:  

  • Gardens and planting  
  • Worms and Bees 
  • Recycling and compost (red, yellow, green bin’s)  
  • Solar energy and Tank water