While the weekly routine of local sport competitions, swimming lessons or dance classes might not be running as usual, physical activity for kids is as important as ever before. Being active can help kids direct their energy in a positive way, while having a bit of fun throughout the day and supporting their learning.

There is no better time to come together as a family and make sure everyone is getting their daily dose of physical activity. Australian Physical Activity guidelines recommend that adults achieve 150mins per week and kids 60mins per day of activity.

While juggling the increased responsibilities COVID-19 has placed on families and parents in daily life, Wyndham City wants to help support all families and kids to continue to be active. Some easy to follow tips to be active as a family include:

  • Stretch the legs and go for a walk outdoors Maybe even go for a couple shorter walks during the day if limited by time.
  • Include kids in some household care duties to keep them moving, turning the vacuuming, wiping and dusting into fun challenging games of time and finesse.
  • Try a new sport – use some household items like balloons for volleyballs, dodge the bubbles or build their own homemade hockey stick and set up some targets.
  • Have a dance party – put on their favourite tune or video and groove with some new dance moves.
  • Plan family activity time everyday to give everyone something to look forward to.